Our vision is simple- to promote and support the growth of ethically and environmentally responsible products of all kinds. We promise to be honest and transparent about all the products we sell here. We do our best to make it clear where they come from, what they contain, and how they are packaged. We endeavour to keep searching far and wide to bring you a wide range of ethically and environmentally responsible products for everyday life.

What does ethically and environmentally responsible mean?

Quite simply, we support companies that 'do good'. Companies that do good for the environment and that are working towards creating a better world for future generations. Companies that do good for mankind by donating to charities as a core part of their business operations. Companies that do good by researching and developing products that are more responsible and considerate of the planet.

Why care?

We believe that by supporting the growth of ethically responsible products and the companies that produce them, we can help to drive a change. We live in a time of uncertainty and we can only hope that, in future, all businesses will operate in a more environmentally responsible way, and that charitable giving as a part of core business will be the norm.

What does that mean for me?

By shopping with Eco Valley you can be certain that your purchase has supported at least one of our charitable causes. Take a look at the causes listed under our values to learn more.