These Bamboo Cutlery sets are a perfect example of an everyday product that needs an uplift.

The process of making bamboo cutlery sets starts with collecting bamboo. Our supplier owns hectares of sustainably managed bamboo. After harvesting, the bamboo dries in the sun next to the factory and is then carefully crafted by hand into forks, knives and spoons. The leftovers, cuts and small branches, provide heat to the factory.

Zero waste. 100% bamboo. 100% compostable.


At a glance:

  • Made from sustainably grown bamboo
  • Lightweight—very portable
  • Machine-washable
  • Unlike wood, bamboo naturally repels water and fat
  • Two Sizes: kids and adult
  • Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties
  • Comfortable grip
  • 100% compostable.



Detailed information:

  • Packaging: Stone Paper envelope, wrapped with natural lace
  • How we bring it to our warehouse: We produce and ship in bulk without plastic
  • Transport method to warehouse: Vessel
  • Factory: The Cutlery Factory
  • Climate issue addressed: Deforestation & Plastic
  • Sizes: Sizes: Adult 20 cm (7.9 in) / Kids 16,5 cm (6.5 in)
  • Certificates: The Vegan Society, Reach
  • How to recycle: Waste-to-energy or compost in nature
  • Second Purpose: Perfect for creating patterns with A Good Clay or baking

A Good Bamboo Cutlery Set


For every purchase a 4% donation is made to A Good Foundation. A Good Foundation works with communities across the globe to create a positive impact through different sustainable initiatives.

The long-term aim is to eradicate mindless consumption and help people make more conscious decisions. This is achieved through educational outreach, community support and environmental efforts like planting trees.