At a glance:

  • Handle made from sustainably grown bamboo
  • Available in seven vivid colours
  • Comes in kid and adult sizes
  • State-of-the-art long-life nylon bristles
  • Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties
  • Self-standing
  • Comfortable grip
  • Recommended by The Guardian



Detailed information:

  • Packaging: A Stone Paper envelope
  • How we bring it to our warehouse: We produce and ship in bulk without plastic
  • Transport method to warehouse: Vessel
  • Factory: The Toothbrush and Straw Factory
  • Climate issue addressed: Deforestation & Plastic
  • Sizes: Adult 19 cm (7.5 in) / Kids 15 cm (6 in)
  • Bristle: Tynex 612, medium
  • Certificates: The Vegan Society, Reach
  • How to recycle: Bamboo handle: 100% compostable or biodegrade in nature. Bristle: Waste-to-energy or plastic recycling
  • Second purpose: Use your old toothbrush to clean small parts in the bathroom, your bicycle chain or anywhere tight and hard to reach.

A Good Children's Toothbrush


For every purchase a 4% donation is made to A Good Foundation. A Good Foundation works with communities across the globe to create a positive impact through different sustainable initiatives.

The long-term aim is to eradicate mindless consumption and help people make more conscious decisions. This is achieved through educational outreach, community support and environmental efforts like planting trees.