The A5 Stone Paper Notebook at a glance:


  • It opens effortlessly and lies completely flat 
  • Water resistant, preventing ink from bleeding through
  • Resistant to tearing and won’t cause paper cuts 
  • Contains no wood-pulp, no water & no added chemicals
  • A Cradle to Cradle certified product
  • Printed with soy ink
  • Number of pages: 144

A5 Stone Paper Notebook

£22.99 Regular Price
£20.00Sale Price
  • Stone Paper is exactly what it sounds like: paper made from crushed stone rather than from wood-pulp, in a process that is vastly better for the environment than the production of traditional paper.

    Besides, Stone Paper has a number of other benefits compared with traditional wood-pulp paper: it’s durable and tear-resistant, it has no grain (resulting in a smooth writing experience), and it can withstand water, grease and dirt.

    Beyond having all the similar characteristics and usages as standard paper, our Stone Paper has some clear benefits:

    • It is water resistant.
    • It is resistant to tearing.
    • It is made with solar power.
    • It is produced using only recycled materials.
    • It is produced without any added chemicals.
    • It is produced without the usage of water.

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