Return to classic shaving with Bambaw’s stylish double edge safety razor. The art of shaving has been lost over time as people turn to the plastic single use variety. However, with its sturdy bamboo handle, our unique bamboo safety razor is a great plastic-free alternative.


Unlike disposable ‘pink or blue’ plastic razors, the safety razor provides a unisex design and a close shave for both men and women. Billions of plastic razors and their plastic packaging find their way to landfills every year and take hundreds of years to decompose. By switching to an eco-friendly bamboo razor, you are contributing to the zero-waste movement, making a cleaner environment for all.


Your zero waste razor will last for many years. It’s easy to recycle and replace the blades once they are out of use. You can also recycle the metal parts and compost the bamboo handle at the end of its lifespan.

Double Edge Safety Razor

  • Warning- Razor blades are sharp, take care and keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • 1. Firstly wash the area with warm water or a apply a warm towel. Alternatively many people recommend shaving straight after coming out of the shower. Both these methods work well and will help open the skin and hair pores allowing for a closer, more comfortable shave.

    2. After this has been done, apply a generous amount of pre-shave oil or pre-shave soap or gel to the area you wish to shave. Using a good quality pre-shave treatment will help reduce the friction between the safety razor and the skin, helping it to glide more effectively allowing for a closer shave, whilst protecting the skin at all times.

    3. Next, ensure that you have a fresh razor blade in your safety razor. Most safety razor blades can last for 5-7 close, comfortable, tug-free shaves, due to their sharpness and the fact you can use both sides of a safety razor. Ensure that you change the blade at least weekly to guarantee a close, gentle shaving experience.

    4. Next ensure that you have put a generous amount of shaving cream or shaving soap on to your face. It is best to do this with a synthetic shaving brush as these types of brushes have an extremely high water retention capability and can create an all round well formed shaving lather quickly and easily. Ensure that whilst applying shaving cream you lather the face in a circular motion, this ensures that you lubricate the skin properly and get under beard stubble.

    5. The single biggest mistake committed by those new to safety razor shaving is to apply too much pressure with the razor. Whilst this isn’t a problem for cartridge razors, this can be very painful with a safety razor. A good quality safety razor will have been developed and designed to have an even weight distribution to allow for a balanced shave, this means that very little pressure is needed. Most nicks and cuts occur at the beginning of a safety razor shave, to prevent this allow the safety razor bar to contact the skin first and then lift the razor to the desired angle, then begin your forward motion.

    6. Next and still applying very little added pressure, hold the safety razor loosely in your hand and allow it to glide across the skins surface without pressing it into the skin when shaving. Throughout the shave strive to maintain a thirty degree blade angle relative to the skin. Whilst this maybe difficult to keep up round the more difficult areas of the face, such as: ear lobes, nose and chin, it is still the optimum angle at which to safety razor shave and you’ll see and feel the results. Next, hold the razor firmly and direct it where you want it to go. Beard bristles must be tackled using short strokes of 25-30 mm at a time, whilst finer hair can be removed using slightly longer sweeping strokes.

    7. After shaving, wash the shaved area thoroughly with warm water to remove all traces of shaving cream. Then splash the face with cold water to close the pores, finally apply a light moisturiser or skin food on the skin. This is needed as the protective layers of the skin and nourishing minerals are removed during the shaving process, using a premium quality moisturiser or skin food will help the skin retain more of its moisture and allow it to regenerate faster.

    8. Finally remember to take your time whilst shaving with a safety razor. 

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