A revolutionary natural deodorant with micro silver

Effective up to 7 days

Prevents odor instead of disguising it

Exercising, being active or showering: no problem, Nuud remains 100% effective

Super concentrated (6-7 weeks with 15ml tube)

Patented formula


Completely harmless for you and the planet.


  • No aluminium, no parabens, no propellants, no artificial fragrances, no vague chemicals, no alcohol, no worries
  • Not tested on animals - 100% vegan
  • No clogging, healthy sweating
  • No stains, 100% unscented
  • Sugar cane tube, biodegradable cardboard box
  • Sustainable production & CO2 neutral distribution

Nuud Natural Deodorant


How do you use Nuud?

If you have been used to traditional deodorants or antiperspirants for years, your body is used to how these work and how you apply them. Nuud works differently. And you might need some time to get used to this. With our tips & tricks below, you will quickly learn how Nuud is not only a carefree deodorant, but also harmless and super effective.


Tip 1: Not too much Nuud

Your little trial tube is remarkably small. However, it lasts an average of 6 to 7 weeks. This is because Nuud is super concentrated. You only need a little bit each time! Wash your armpits with soap, dry them well and rub about a pea-size of Nuud in each armpit. But remember, don’t put too much! We mean it when we say it; Nuud is super concentrated and very easy to apply.


Tip 2: Discover your ‘application frequency’.

Application frequency, yes, for lack of better word. Despite only applying a little bit of Nuud at a time, Nuud really does stay effective for several days. On average, people apply Nuud every 3 days. But, everyone has their own frequency, which requires a bit of trial and error. For example, you can start applying every other day and then extend this to however long works for you!


Tip 3: Fresh clothes.

Nuud neutralises the bacteria responsible for your perspiration smell. Nuud does not disguise the smell, it prevents it. In addition to this, Nuud does not have a smell of its own, therefore, you have to make sure that the clothes you have been wearing are free from the ‘old smells’ and bacteria. The armpit areas of t-shirts, shirts, and jumpers have to be properly washed first (preferably with vinegar or alcohol, and finished off with a steaming hot iron to kill all bacteria) before you can start your fresh and odourless new start!


Tip 4: Dare to detox

Perspiring is important for your body. That is why Nuud does not contain salts, which block your sweat glands. Regular deodorants that contain aluminium salts or baking soda often cause your body’s perspiration management to be disturbed and your body to store excess toxins. Nuud fixes this for you. Naturally and odourless! Sometimes it initially intensifies your perspiration, in terms of sweat and smell, for a little while. This ‘detox’ effect stops once you have been using Nuud for a longer period of time. If you are a bit unsure, start using Nuud on the weekend, so that you can test it in your own, safe space, and figure out how Nuud works for you.

Does Nuud become more effective over time?

The longer you use Nuud, the less bacteria come back, hence the less often you will have to apply Nuud. So, start applying Nuud every other day and check how long it works for you by adding an extra day in between new applications. This way you will find the right balance for yourself. It would, of course, be a waste to apply Nuud every three days if Nuud lasts a full week for you, however, vice versa isn’t advisable either!

Nuud and showering

We often get questions about Nuud’s effectiveness in relation to showering. First of all, it is important to understand exactly how Nuud works. Nuud has micro silver as one of its active ingredients and an oil-based cream to keep this micro silver in place. It can be compared to waterproof suntan-lotion: it does not dissolve in water and therefore it is perfectly fine to shower, exercise or do whatever you want to do, without Nuud’s effectiveness diminishing.


So, despite showering, Nuud continues to work, you can shower as often as you want! However, if you scrub or exfoliate your skin, you might remove the outer layer of your skin, and with it, Nuud. In this case, reapply!


Moreover, because of the way Nuud works, you won’t have to wash your underarms with soap anymore. In fact, Nuud’s effectiveness actually lasts longer if you don’twash your armpits with (too much) soap, but this of course depends on your personal preferences.

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