A safe and strong water bottle. Durable, simple design made from food grade stainless steel with a bamboo lid.


Holds 750ml of water.


Next to plastic bags, plastic bottles are the most prevalent and unsightly source of pollution found on our planet. Every year close to 500 billion plastic bottles and cups end up littering our soil, rivers, lakes and oceans. Although we have slowly started to replace disposible plastic bottles with reusable ones, unfortunately this does not solve the longer term problem.


Why not make a comittment to change by investing in a bottle that will stand the test of time. Keep a clear conscience with the knowledge that at the end of it's long life your water bottle can be recycled.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Capacity: 750ml

Double Wall Insulated

Material: Food grade stainless steel, bamboo

BPA free

Other details: Wide neck to allow ice or fruit to be added to the bottle

2020 Eco Valley Products