Small Wet Bag- 16cm x 20cm

Medium Wet Bag- 22cm x 29cm


These wetbags from Sew Sustainable are perfect for storing menstrual pads when out and about and come in a variety of patterns. They're also great for storing your reusable baby wipes- keep them in your handbag for use when you're out and about replacing single use baby wipes.


The purse wetbag contains one storage compartment with a secure zip closure and a hanging loop handy for attaching inside your handbag for ease of access.


It is versatile and could be used for make-up, toiletries and wipes.


Can be machine washed up to 40 degrees and air dried only.


• Perfect for taking menstrual pads out and about

• Secure zip closure

• Handy hanging loop


Sew Sustainable Wet Bag


Sew Sustainable is a small UK business based in the Midlands. It's run by Jessica, who has been passionate about sewing from a young age when she saved up her Christmas money to buy herself a sewing machine and started experimenting with different products and designs.


More recently, Jessica made a decision to cut back on her own consumption of single use plastics. She started to make reusable items for herself to use in everyday life, from here she decided to start Sew Sustainable, to help the fight against single use plastic by hand making fantastic alternative products and helping us all to make sustainable swaps.


Jessica says:

"All of the products are individually made by myself in my little craft room, I use them all myself too, they're definitely tried and tested. If you choose a product from Sew Sustainable you're supporting a real person as well as saving the planet. Choose to reuse!"